Is It Possible To Become a 6-Figure Social Media Manager?

Are you excited by the idea of becoming a 6-figure social media manager?

You’ve arrived at a world of possibilities! In this digital era, the demand for social media management services has reached unprecedented heights, making it an enchanting and rewarding profession to pursue.

However, unlocking the treasure trove of a six-figure income requires more than just a flick of the wand. It demands a well-defined focus, the right knowledge, and a treasure chest of strategies.

As a multiple six-figure social media agency owner myself, I will in this guide reveal some top secrets to help you unleash your social media magic, transforming your passion into a spellbinding and prosperous career.

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Is it possible to become a 6-Figure Social Media Manager?

As a social media manager coach I often get asked: “Is it possible to earn a 6-figure income as a social media manager?” And my answer is a definite YES!

In this digital world, where the demand for social media management is soaring to new heights, (the third most in-demand profile 2023 according to Linkedin) making it an enchanting and rewarding profession to pursue.

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How to Reach Your First 6-Figure Month

Achieving six-figure glory requires more than just a flick of the magic wand…

Becoming a 6-figure social media manager requires a well-defined focus, powerful strategies, and the knowledge of a true social media wizard.

But I promise you, this is possible for you. I have some really great tips to share with you today that I personally have implemented to take my business to 6-figures and beyond:

Defining Your Magical Niche

One of the most important things to note when setting up a social media management business is to have a well-defined niche. It will help you concentrate on what you’re good at, develop long-lasting business relationships and stand out in the market. Identify the industries you most enjoy working with, or focus on a social media platform that you’re an expert in, and then develop your portfolio and services accordingly.

Building Your Spellbinding Portfolio

You can’t expect to earn a six-figure income without a strong social media manager portfolio. Consider working on some case studies, working pro-bono projects or offering discounts on initial projects for clients to boost your portfolio. A portfolio delivers credibility and supports your expertise in the different services you provide.

Weaving Threads of Uniqueness

To differentiate yourself from others in your industry, consider offering add-ons that aren’t offered by other competitors. For instance, you can offer monthly consultations to your clients, marketing evaluations to help improve conversions, and copywriting services. Refining your services allows you to position your brand as a one-stop shop for all social media management needs.

The Gold Standard of Scaling Revenue

A scalable pricing model will help you to earn more money as you take on more clients. You can opt for a retainer model, where you charge clients a monthly fee for a specific set of services or the project-based pricing model where you charge per project per client. The pricing model that you choose should be transparent, fair, and reflect the value you deliver to clients.

The Art of Streamlined Workflows

Streamlining the project management process not only saves you time and money, but it also allows you to take on more clients. The usage of effective project management tools for scheduling, proposals, and billing can also help improve efficiency and accuracy for the business resulting in the seamless delivery of high-quality services. Having workflows and systems has helped me save so much time and scale my business so much faster. In my course Social Media Manager Academy I give away all my workflows, systems and resources on how to streamline your business like a well-oiled time-saving machine. Watch my free masterclass to learn more!


Hire a Team or Outsource

It can be challenging to scale up your business while continuing to offer high-quality services. Hiring a team, outsourcing, or collaborating with other social media managers with complementary skill sets will help you grow your business, take on more clients, and earn more each year.

Mastering the Art of Marketing

Having a clear marketing strategy can help you attract clients towards your business. It includes a combination of social media marketing, email marketing, and other online and offline marketing channels. Focus on creating content consistently that educates, entertains, and informs your ideal target audience, keep your branding consistent across all channels, and be proactive in identifying new business opportunities.

6-figure social media manager

Unleashing the Power of Technology

In today’s digital age, social media managers must take advantage of innovative tools and technologies to improve their performance. Some essential tools you may consider investing in include AI-powered scheduling tools, analytics tools, image editing tools, and content creation tools like Canva or Adobe Suite.

Cultivating Lasting Partnerships

Developing strategic partnerships can benefit your business. These relationships can help your business to grow, increase your credibility and position your business as an authority in your industry. For instance, you can partner with bloggers, Instagram influencers or brands in similar niches by offering shared services that benefit both sides. You can also use affiliate marketing and brand-sponsored brand posts as an opportunity for extra income. We have a brand pitch toolkit you can use to land paid brand collaborations even if you have a small social media following.

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Utilizing the Power of Viral Content

Use your creativity and craft captivating posts that leave your audience mesmerized and craving for more. Engaging visuals, witty captions, and shareable content shall be your magical spells. By consistently captivating your followers, your reach will expand like a celestial comet, attracting new clients and opportunities, and propelling you towards your six-figure goal.

Maximizing Efficiency

Mastering time management is vital to your success. Your hours are your enchanted sand, slipping through the hourglass with each passing moment. Embrace the art of prioritization, use your precious time wisely across client projects, marketing efforts, and skill development. By maximizing efficiency, you will have the gift of more time, enabling you to take on additional clients and lucrative projects, getting closer to your coveted six-figure goal.

Building a Self-Sustaining Social Media Empire

As a visionary social media manager seeking to reach six-figure glory, it is crucial to set up your business in a way that grants you the freedom to take time off without sacrificing its thriving presence in the digital world. Embrace the art of autonomy and construct a self-sustaining social media empire, which continues to flourish even when you step away from your desk.

Here are some more valuable tips to make this happen:
Hire A Team Or Outsource: As I mentioned above to ensure your business thrives in your absence, hire a team of skilled social media pros. Empower them with your wisdom and guidance, fostering a harmonious work environment. Entrust them with the responsibility of managing client accounts and engaging with the enchanted audience in your stead. By cultivating a cohesive team, you create a stronghold of trust, enabling your social media empire to function seamlessly even during your well-needed sabbaticals.
Document Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Capture the essence of your processes and strategies within comprehensive SOPs. These magical manuscripts will serve as a guidance for your team when navigating the enchanted waters of social media management. By documenting your methods, you ensure consistency and excellence in your services, even when you take time off.
Enlist the Power of Automation: Take advantage of automation tools to keep the wheels of your social media empire turning. Utilize automated scheduling tools to ensure timely and regular posts, engage with your audience using AI-powered chatbots, and employ data-driven analytics to optimize your campaigns. By entrusting certain tasks to the magic of automation, you free up time for strategic planning and creativity, all while maintaining a formidable online presence.
Nurture Client Relationships with Care: Nurture your client relationships with utmost care. Prioritize open communication, deliver on promises, and show appreciation for their trust in your sorcery. By forging lasting alliances, you create a loyal clientele that understands and respects the value you bring. They will remain enchanted by your services, ensuring the continuity of your business during your time off.
Diversify and Expand Your Offerings: Consider expanding into related services like group coaching programs, 1:1 coaching and offering digital products and workshops. By having multiple streams of income, your business can navigate through fluctuating tides and remain financially consistent, even in your absence.


Becoming a 6-figure social media manager isn’t rocket science! With a clear focus on what you offer, a strong portfolio, optimized services, efficient project management, effective partnerships, a top-notch marketing strategy, scalable pricing models, leveraging technology, and a focus on client satisfaction, it’s possible to achieve your dream income.

Watch our free masterclass if you want more help on how to start and grow your business.

Put in the effort, be patient, and soon, you’ll be a really successful 6-figure social media manager.

how to earn 6-figures as a social media manager
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