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Behind the brand

Welcome to Studio Socials

Studio Socials is a Stockholm-based social media marketing agency and social media manager academy, comprising team members from all over the world.

This is your go-to website with everything you need to create and grow the business of your dreams working from home or from anywhere.

Thoughtfully growing businesses with strategy, purpose, and design since 2017

Get to know me

Some fun facts about me

  • I’m Hanna a certified business coach, the founder and CEO of Studio Socials Agency and Social Media Manager Academy®.
    Before I started as a freelance social media manager around six years ago I was climbing the corporate ladder as a nurse specialist and manager responsible for a large team. I heard about the freelance industry and decided to join. I had no idea that the best years of my life were just around the corner.
  • I’ve never regretted the decision to become my own boss. It allowed me to travel the world while I grew my business and today it has evolved into a wildly successful social media agency. Today I’m also a mom of two toddlers and I’m so grateful to have the ability to work from home and decide my own working hours.
  • I have the best tips and tricks to share with you about growing a profitable but sustainable social media management business. I created my flagship course SMMA for anyone with big dreams for the future and who wants the freedom to work from anywhere.
    I’ve learned so much during this journey and would love to give you my best advice.
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A Few Facts

Helped more than 500 females become social media managers

Multiple clients reporting over 150% revenue growth

More than 75% of New clients are Referred from happy customers

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Behind the brand

Team Studio Socials Agency

I can’t be the intentional business owner PLUS mom/partner that I want to be without help! We can be all the things, but we can’t do all the things. I get a lot of help in order to do what I do, here are the incredible humans who support me! Each and every team member has been handpicked for their individual skills, specialties, industry experience, and ability to make an impact.

Studio Socials is not your average social media marketing agency. We use strategy, psychology, and creativity to develop unique voices and personalities that humanize brands.


Intentional Design

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Strategic Moves

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