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This is your go-to website with everything you need to create and grow the business of your dreams working from home or from anywhere.

I’ve got the best tips and tricks to grow your remote freelance business without wasting your time and money. I created Studio Socials for anyone with big dreams for the future that wants the freedom to be able to work from anywhere.

About me

I’m Hanna the founder of Studio Socials!

A former nurse specialist turned entrepreneur and freelancer. A few years ago I took the step to become my own boss. I was then working at my corporate job but wanted the freedom of creating and growing my own business. I decided to start a blog and a freelance business to be able to work from anywhere. Within a year I had grown a six-figure business.

I’ve never regretted the decision to become my own boss. I’m now a mom of a baby and a toddler and have the best job to combine with my stay-at-home-mom life.

I’ve learned so much during this journey and I would love to give you my best advice on how to succeed.

Would you like to grow a profitable social media manager business?

During the last few years, I’ve been teaching women how to become their own boss and start a freelance social media manager business.

What set me apart is that I still run my social media manager business and blog which gives me a huge advantage over most other coaches. I’m updated with the market, the latest news, and what clients are looking for, allowing me to be a better business strategist for you.

Join me here as I navigate through the constantly changing online world. I hope I can help motivate you to live a lifestyle you truly love. 

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