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You’re finally ready to take on new clients! But before you get started, you need to make sure you have a solid onboarding process. This is where our Client Welcome Packet comes in!

This New Client Welcome Packet is designed to help you look professional and answer any questions your clients may have.

Inside, you’ll find a welcome packet with an overview of your services, a FAQ section, and a list of important contacts, a detailed task list and more.

This kit is 19 pages and has it all. Plus, it’s completely customizable in Canva, so you can make it your own.

Your clients will appreciate the thoroughness of your new client welcome kit, and you’ll be able to hit the ground running with your new business relationship. So don’t wait – get started today with the Client Welcome Kit!

This client welcome packet is suitable for freelancers like social media managers, virtual assistants, Pinterest managers and other small business owners providing services to clients.

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19 pages editable template in Canva. 

Cover images x 3, Welcome intros x 3, Meet the team, About us, Our vision, Where you come in, How it works x 2, Signature process, Social media audit, Social media strategy, Social media management, Content creation workflow, Project timeline, The process, Project details, Project outcome, Resources, Communication, Onboarding checklist, Payment, Questions, Your Invoice, Next steps x 2.

Client Welcome Packet completely customizable in Canva.

You do not need Canva Pro to use this template, just their basic free plan.

Images not included.

Add or remove any parts you like.

Customize fonts, images and colors to your branding.



With this new client welcome kit, you’ll be able to hit the ground running and make a great impression from the start. 

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"I felt like my onboarding routine was unorganized and took a lot of time."

“This Client Welcome Packet takes all the guesswork out of the onboarding process and helps me stay organized and save so much time. Also the user-friendly design makes it easy to customize for my specific business needs.”

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You’ll get forever access😍

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Save Time And Hassle

Why settle for an unorganized routine when you can have a bespoke template that will save you time and hassle? 

Get started today and see the difference our social media manager welcome kit can make in your business.

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