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Elevate Your Business with the Ultimate Digital Product Bundle

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Ready to turn your expertise into a lucrative passive income stream?

Introducing our exclusive Digital Product Bundle – a powerhouse collection designed to catapult your business into profitable and passive recurring revenue with digital products.

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If the idea of unlocking a new revenue stream while you sleep, travel, or focus on what you love resonates with you, then our Digital Product Bundle is your game-changer!


The Profitable Digital Product Bundle


Accelerate your path to passive income with our Digital Product Bundle!

Craft, launch, and sell your own digital products TODAY.

This bundle is your shortcut to success.

Don’t wait – transform your business now!

What’s Included:

✅Passive Income with Chat GPT Guide

✅Roadmap To Creating Digital Products with Canva and Chat GPT

✅Digital Product Planner Checklist

✅Creating Your High-Converting Digital Product Offer Workbook

✅Digital Product Pricing Guide and Checklist

✅Digital Product Guide with Private Label Resell Rights

What if I told you that you could have your very own digital product created and ready to sell today?

No more waiting, no more delays. With our step-by-step guides and hands-on workbooks, you’re on the fast track to success. Imagine the satisfaction of launching your digital product TODAY and watching the sales roll in tomorrow.

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🌐 Unleash Your Potential: Imagine having the ability to generate passive income effortlessly. Our bundle empowers you with the latest insights on leveraging Chat GPT to create content that not only engages but converts, turning your online presence into a profit-generating powerhouse.

💡 No Limits to Your Creativity: Whether you’re a design novice or a seasoned pro, our bundle guides you through the art of creating visually stunning digital products using Canva and Chat GPT. Your creativity knows no bounds, and neither should your income potential!

What’s inside the Digital Product Bundle?


Passive Income with Chat GPT

Leverage the power of AI with Chat GPT to effortlessly generate passive income. Learn the secrets to creating engaging content that resonates with your audience, converting casual visitors into lifelong customers.

Roadmap To Creating Digital Products with Canva and Chat GPT

Unleash your creativity! Combine the design prowess of Canva with the conversational magic of Chat GPT to craft visually appealing and high-converting digital products. No design or coding skills required!

Digital Product Planner Checklist

Stay organized and on track with our comprehensive Digital Product Planner Checklist. From ideation to launch, every step is meticulously outlined, ensuring your digital product journey is seamless.

Creating Your High-Converting Digital Product Offer Workbook

Craft compelling offers that captivate your audience. This workbook guides you through the process of creating irresistible digital product offers that resonate with your ideal customers.

Digital Product Pricing Guide and Checklist

Master the art of pricing your digital products for maximum profitability. This guide ensures you set the perfect price point, attracting quality customers and boosting your revenue.

Digital Product Guide with Private Label Resell Rights

Accelerate your success with our exclusive guide, complete with private label resell rights. Use it to kickstart your own digital product empire or share/sell it as part of your unique offerings.

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🔓 Unlock the door to a passive income revolution! This bundle is your ticket to financial freedom, helping you build a sustainable business that thrives even while you sleep.
Don't just dream about success – make it a reality!

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The Profitable Digital Product Bundle is for you if:

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This amazing tool will help you save time and streamline your business operations

“Wow! The Digital Product Bundle transformed my approach to passive income. The step-by-step guides and actionable workbooks made creating and selling my digital products a breeze. I’ve seen an incredible boost in revenue, and my business now operates on a whole new level. Highly recommended for anyone ready to elevate their entrepreneurial journey!”

Sarah Smith – Freelancer

About The Creator

Hi there! I’m Hanna

As the visionary creator behind this Digital Product Bundle, I’m passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to unleash their full potential.

With years of experience in digital business strategies, I’ve curated this bundle to be a game-changer, providing you with the tools and knowledge to turn your ideas into thriving, revenue-generating realities.

Let’s start this transformative journey together, shaping a future where your business flourishes and you can enjoy passive recurring revenue with digital products just as I do in my business.

Hanna – Founder Of Studio Socials Agency & Social Media Manager Academy

social media manager coach

Have a burning question?

This toolkit is great for both new small business owners as well as more experienced ones. 

Yes, and you have the option to make a copy of the templates to your own Canva account.

Due to the digital nature of this digital product we do not offer refunds nor accept returns.

The investment is a one-time payment of the price mentioned above.

The templates are delivered in PDF and CANVA-template formats that you easily can customize to match your branding.

No you don’t need Canva Pro, just a regular Canva account works fine.

We offer PayPal or Stripe as payment options.

No but if you join our Social Media Manager Academy or our 1:1 coaching program you will get high-lever support.

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“The Digital Product Bundle exceeded my expectations! The detailed guides and workbooks provided actionable insights that helped me launch my digital product effortlessly. The private label resell rights were an unexpected bonus, adding tremendous value to my offerings. This bundle is a must-have for anyone serious about building a successful online business.”

– Malin Pedersen –


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