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Elevate your social media management game with our Professional Social Media Analytics Report Templates. Designed exclusively for social media managers, Pinterest managers, VAs, and anyone who handles social media for clients. These templates empower you to deliver monthly and weekly reports with precision and style.

Includes 56 pages and two templates (monhly and weekly analytics report) for reporting KPIs from 5 social media platforms (Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter & Facebook)

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56 pages editable Canva document. Take screenshots of your KPIs from your analytical dashboards and drag and drop into the template.
Fill out your monthly summary in the monthly performance breakdown chart.

Includes two templates: Monthly social media analytics report + Weekly social media analytics report.

Canva template

Includes two templates: Monthly Social Media Analytics Report + Weekly Social Media Analytics Report.

For Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tik-Tok & Twitter

Observe that this is a digital product. No physical product will be delivered.

Copy and paste your analytics screenshots and fill-in-the-blanks to customize to your own needs.

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The benefits:

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"These templates have been a game-changer for me"

“As a social media manager, I’ve been on the hunt for a reporting solution that not only saves me time but also helps me demonstrate the true value I bring to my clients.

These templates have been a game-changer for me. The monthly and weekly options provide the flexibility I need to deliver reports that suit each client’s unique needs. It’s like having a reporting assistant that makes me look good every time.

What really stands out is the professional design. The layouts are not only visually pleasing but also incredibly easy to customize to match my clients’ branding. It’s allowed me to create reports that reflect my expertise and leave a lasting impression.

And let’s talk about time-saving! No more endless hours spent formatting and organizing data. I just drop in my stats and screenshots, and the template takes care of the rest. It’s given me more time to focus on strategy and actually improving my clients’ social media presence.

It’s a tool that truly adds value, and my clients couldn’t be happier with the results.

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You can access the link to the template in our members portal called ThriveCart Learn. Once you have paid you will be directed to an area to create your password and then you can access the link to copy your Canva template.

It can be used by social media managers, virtual assistants, Pinterest managers, coaches and freelancers.

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Why settle for an unorganized routine when you can have a bespoke template that will save you time and hassle? 

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