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social media bundle

In today’s digital age, a robust online presence is essential for small businesses to thrive and grow. But we understand that managing social media can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and often leaves you wondering where to start.

That’s where our Social Media Bundle comes to the rescue!


Are you a small business owner striving to make your mark in the digital world? You have a fantastic product or service, but getting noticed in the crowded online space feels like an impossible challenge.

Perhaps you find yourself in one of these scenarios:

Struggling with Social Media Creativity: You’re stuck in a content creation rut, constantly wondering what to post next, and how to make your brand stand out in the noisy social media landscape.

Overwhelmed by the Social Media Juggle: The never-ending task of managing multiple social media platforms, responding to messages, and posting consistently is sapping your time and energy.

Frustrated with Fluctuating Engagement: You pour your heart and soul into your content, but engagement and conversion rates are inconsistent, leaving you frustrated and unsure of what’s working and what’s not.

Wishing for Inspiration For Your Content: The pressure to keep your social media content fresh and engaging feels relentless, and you’re craving a content calendar that offers inspiration for an entire year.

What If I Told You There Was a Better Way?

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many small business owners face these challenges. But what sets successful businesses apart is their ability to adapt and thrive in the digital world.


The Social Media Bundle

social media bundle
  1. Instagram Templates: Unlock the power of visually stunning content with our 220 professionally designed Instagram templates. Create eye-catching posts effortlessly, leaving a lasting impression on your followers.

  2. Engagement Checklist: Boost your social media engagement with our comprehensive checklist. Discover strategies to connect with your audience, foster a loyal community, and turn your followers into loyal customers.

  3. Social Media Planner: Say goodbye to the stress of scheduling posts on the fly. Our Social Media Planner helps you organize your content, ensuring that your brand’s message is consistently delivered to your audience.

  4. Social Media Hooks: Learn how to grab your audience’s attention with 150 irresistible social media hooks. Craft compelling captions, headlines, and stories that will make your content impossible to ignore.

  5. Content Calendar with Content Ideas for 12 Months: Never run out of content ideas again! Our Content Calendar offers a full year’s worth of content inspiration, so you can stay ahead of the game and keep your audience engaged.

  6. Instagram Audit Checklist: Supercharge your online presence with this checklist, designed to ensure that every element of your profile is optimized for maximum visibility and  align with your brand’s identity and goals. 

Bonus #1 - Canva Guide

Learn how to design fast like a pro with these quick Canva tips.

canva guide

Bonus #2 - Mockup templates

72 beautifully designed mockup templates editable in Canva.

mockup templates

What’s inside the Social Media Bundle?



Say goodbye to running out of content ideas as our Content Calendar provides a year’s worth of ideas and inspiration to keep your audience engaged and ahead of the game.


Bid farewell to last-minute post stress; our Social Media Planner helps you consistently deliver your brand’s message by organizing your content seamlessly


Discover the secrets to fostering a loyal community and turning your followers into devoted customers with our comprehensive checklist, ensuring your social media engagement soars.


Master the art of irresistible media hooks, crafting captions, headlines, and stories that make your content impossible to ignore and engaging.


Supercharge your Instagram presence and stand out in the crowded world of social media with our comprehensive checklist, designed to optimize visibility and align every aspect of your profile with your brand’s identity and goals.


Elevate your feed with our professionally designed templates, effortlessly creating captivating content that leaves a lasting impression on your followers. 220 templates included.

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Ready to Make Your Social Media Presence Easier Than Ever.

social media template bundle
social media bundle

The Social Media Bundle is for you if you want to:

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"The results speak for themselves: increased engagement, brand loyalty, and a boost in sales."

“As a small business owner, I used to struggle with creating captivating content and keeping my audience engaged. But with this Social Media Bundle, my online presence has skyrocketed. The results speak for themselves: increased engagement, brand loyalty, and a boost in sales. It’s like having a personal marketing guru in your pocket!”

Sarah T., Owner Bakery

About The Creator

Hey there, I’m Hanna, the creative force and marketing maven behind this transformative Social Media Bundle.

I’m a mom of two and the owner of a successful multi 6-figure social media agency. I’ve journeyed through the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, honing the strategies that work best in today’s dynamic landscape.

With years of experience, I’ve mastered the power of social media to help businesses like yours not just survive but thrive. This Social Media Bundle encapsulates the wisdom I’ve gained, offering you the tools and insights to propel your small business to new heights in the social media jungle.

Your success is my mission, and I can’t wait to share these invaluable resources with you. Let’s make your digital dreams a reality.

Hanna – Founder Of Studio Socials Agency

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Have a burning question?

This toolkit is great for small business owners in every niche.

Yes, and you have the option to make a copy of the templates to your own Canva account.

Due to the digital nature of this digital product we do not offer refunds nor accept returns.

The investment is a one-time payment of the price mentioned above.

The templates are delivered in CANVA-template formats and Google Sheets, that you easily can customize to match your branding. Some of the files are in PDF-format.

No you don’t need Canva Pro, just a regular Canva account works fine. 

We offer PayPal or Stripe as payment options.

No but you can reach out to me if you’re interested in this option or if you want us to handle your social media marketing.

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"This bundle is a goldmine for small business owners"

“Before discovering the Social Media Bundle, I was lost in the overwhelm of social media marketing. The resources in the Social Media Bundle have been a complete game-changer. I’ve had a bank of content ideas, and the Instagram templates have given my profile a professional edge. The engagement checklist is my go-to guide for connecting with my audience, and the social media planner keeps my posts consistent. This bundle is a goldmine for small business owners looking to thrive in the digital world!”

Melanie L., – Fitness Coach

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Don't let the challenges of social media hold your business back. The Ultimate Social Media Bundle is here to propel your small business to new heights.