Legally Protected With A freelance social media manager contract

As a business owner, you know it’s essential to protect your time. It’s crucial to have a freelance social media manager contract in place that outlines the expectations and responsibilities of both parties. In this blog post, we will provide you with the best tips for social media manager contracts that you can use to protect your time and ensure that both you and your clients are legally protected.

social media manager agreement

The legal stuff isn’t the most fascinating topic to discuss. However, if you don’t have any contracts in place with your clients, you risk being involved in some hazardous and costly lawsuits.

But I’m not telling you that you need to get a lawyer. Let’s face it, you don’t have thousands of dollars just lying around to pay a lawyer to create contracts for you!

Fortunately, there are useful contract templates available to spare you from the headaches that were sure to follow and save you hundreds (or even thousands!) of dollars in legal expenses.

Why you need a freelance social media manager contract

Now you might be wondering? Why do I need a social media manager agreement?

Every freelance social media manager should have a contract.

I have to confess… When I first started providing social media management services, I had no idea I would need to take this into consideration. Real talk, though. When offering services online, you’ll need a contract. There is no if or but in this situation. It’s time to face the truth and accept that we need a contract when it comes to providing online services.

It’s essential to have a legal document that assures your rights and interests in any project or employment, whether it’s social media marketing or any other area.

You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re working on a project for a client and they suddenly decide to end the project (or worse, not pay you).

A contract gives you the legal protection you need in case something goes wrong. It also outlines the responsibilities of both parties so that there are no misunderstandings down the road.

You won’t have to worry about whether a client will try to take advantage of your time and expertise.

Having a proper freelance social media manager contract in place is the most effective approach to get your client relationship off on the correct foot and eliminate the WRONG clients.

I have written an article about what client red flags you should watch out for HERE.

How to create a freelance social media manager contract

Creating a freelance social media manager contract doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

My best tip is to use an online social media manager contract template.

I have a specifically created contract template for social media managers in my shop. This contract was created in partnership with a friend of mine who is a lawyer.

freelance social media manager contract template


Simply enter your information into the template and add or remove any clauses that don’t apply to your situation.

The best thing is that you can complete all of the paperwork yourself and have it ready to send to your customer in just 10 minutes! It’s as simple as filling in a few blanks.

What should be included in a social media contract?

Now, what do you need to include in your social media management agreement template?

We have some tips for you:

Keep it simple

You don’t need to include a ton of legal jargon in your contract. Just make sure to include all the essential elements so that both you and your client are clear on what is expected.

Basic info

Include basic info such as your contact information, the scope of work, deliverables, deadlines, and payment terms.

Scope of work

Be as specific as possible when outlining the scope of work. This will help avoid any misunderstandings down the road.


What exactly will you be delivering to your client? Make sure to list out all deliverables and deadlines in your contract.

Payment terms

When and how will your client be paying you? The price you charge and the payment method you want to use are entirely up to you. You should definitely include an upfront deposit that will need to be invoiced and paid before work begins. It’s also advisable to set out how long clients have until they must pay your invoices and any penalties they may incur if they don’t do so on time.

If you want to learn more about pricing I have a blog post about what to charge for your social media management services.

Protection from any liability for platform glitches

This means that if there is an issue with the platform that you are using, such as Facebook or Instagram going down, you are not held responsible and do not need to refund any missed work. Or if a social media account gets suspended for no reason, again, you are not held liable.

Copyright and IP (intellectual property)

Make sure to include a clause that states that all the content you create for the client is their property. For legal reasons, it’s essential to clarify ownership and usage permissions.


Then you’ll want to address sensitive data in more detail, including a confidentiality clause, an NDA*, or a non-compete agreement. Both you and the other party will benefit from an NDA, which protects trade secrets as well as any shared personal information. A non-compete clause is a provision in a contract that forbids you from working with any of the client’s rivals for the duration of the agreement (and sometimes for a set length after it comes to an end).

Cancellation terms

Include a clause that outlines how either party can terminate the contract. This gives you both some flexibility if things aren’t working out. (I suggest at least 30 days)

Be clear about ownership of the work

Will you own the rights to the work you create or will your client? Make sure to include this in your contract.

Get a signature

Once both parties have agreed to the terms of the contract, make sure to get a physical or digital signature from your client. This will make the contract legally binding.


Now that you know how to create a freelance social media manager contract, there’s no excuse not to have one in place! Use our contract template and save yourself from potential legal headaches down the road. Protect your time and ensure that both you and your clients are legally protected with a freelance social media manager contract.

We hope this blog post has given you some helpful tips on how to create a freelance social media manager contract. Remember, protecting your time is essential to running a successful freelance business!

freelance social media manager contract

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