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Get Ready to Transform Your Life In 6 Short Weeks With Our Social Media Manager Course

Take control of your life and create the freedom and flexibility you deserve.

🏆 Become A Certified Social Media Manager🏆

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Create a more free and flexible life with financial freedom!

When you sign up you get immediate access to an accredited social media manager course that will help you start and grow your social media management business.

Get a social media manager certification and reach your first 5-10k/month with proven strategies, all the tools you need and expert guidance at every step of your journey.

Everything it takes is just a few hours per week, from the comfort of your home.

Get Access to Social Media Manager Academy today with 14-day Money Back Guarantee PLUS $5,322 of FREE bonuses!

Start and grow your social media management business, get a social media manager certification, work experience, and reach your first 5-10k/month with proven strategies and expert guidance at every step of your journey…

…in just a few hours per week, from the comfort of your home
so that your business will work for you, not the other way around.

When you join SMM Academy you will have the opportunity to start making money right away with our partnership program. We offer a generous 40% affiliate commission which means you can make your investment back (and more) by referring only three people to our program.

When you join us you also get a 1 Month FREE Subscription to an all-in-one tech platform that will replace THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS That you’re already will be paying elsewhere.

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Stop feeling stuck, overworked and unhappy with your income in your 9-5 job.

👉Instead start and grow your own sustainable social media management business with high profit margins, in just 6 weeks.

By using our signature framework and complete business system you will have the tools and strategies you need to reach your first 5-10k/month, all while working less so you can enjoy a life where you have time and energy to do the things you love.

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It’s time to finally start living the life you always dreamed of .


Are you Dreaming Of Running A Business That Would Allow You To Work Less And Earn More (even while you're not at your desk)? 

You crave more time to do the things you love, yet right now your work is stealing precious hours
you could be spending with your loved ones or pursuing your passions.

If this is you

👉 Implement A Simplified Business Model That Allows You To Grow A Business
That Works For YOU
, Not The Other Way Around.

Now is the time to break away from the never-ending struggle of trading hours for pennies.

….BUT…. you’re probably overwhelmed about where to start and constantly pushed to your limits to make it, which leaves you drained and it’s impossible to get ahead?

If so, I GET it – I’ve experienced this too..

I know you want to start and grow your business WITHOUT THE OVERWHELM.

👇But…. LISTEN UP!👇

imagine if...

this was your life

"Investing in this course is the best thing I've done in my career. The easy to follow step-by-step system helped me land my first client within 30 days of starting the course, and the next ones quickly followed!"
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Social Media Manager
social media manager academy


Life is Too Short To waste on a job you're not passionate about...

What if I told you that...

  • Even with zero social media experience, starting and growing a  social media management business is absolutely possible for you.

  • Growing your business to a place where you cover the bills, replace your 9-5 income and then exceed it, is closer than you think if you follow a proven step-by-step system, rather than trying to winging it on your own.
  • You could create a business that allows you to earn a consistent income with high profit margins while you can have time to do more of the things you love in life like traveling, spending more time with family and friends.
  • You could swap feeling trapped, overworked and unhappy with your income for a much more free and flexible life in just 6 weeks from now with a business where you work less but earn more, and the best part, you get to choose when to work, where to work and who you work with.
social media marketing for doctors

You Could Spend Months...

..trying to find out how to start and grow your business:

but honestly...who has time for that?

I know it’s not a walk in the park to implement a streamlined business with a consistent income.
But 6 weeks is all it takes to launch the consistent income generator you need to create space in your schedule and freedom in your life.
6 weeks of training, strategy, resources, and support so you can finally get out of the hamster wheel and embrace those anti-hustle vibes.


I've packaged This Entire Process Into An Easy Replicable Step-By-Step Roadmap

And now I’m sharing the exact blueprint with you!

I’m going to show you how I’ve personally guided many women just like you, to turn their knowledge into wildly successful social media management businesses. 

All while working fewer hours, spending more quality time with their family, and running their business in a way that truly resonates with their core values. 

Whether you’re starting from ground zero with nothing but an idea, or you’re an established social media manager looking to increase your bottom line and influence…


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Social Media Manager Academy®


SMMA is responsible for many of the top social media managers and agencies in the social media space you see today. Team SS has you covered and WILL take you to the top.

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Social Media Manager Academy® is a certification program to help you start and grow your business that takes you step-by-step through a complete business system (that is proven to work). Plus it’s the ONLY program that gives you opportunity to get the exact work experience your portfolio needs.

We help you escape feeling trapped, overworked and unhappy with your income to finally start and grow a social media business that allows you to work less and earn more (even if you have zero social media skills and no clue where to start).

Create a life you’ll love with more freedom and flexibility, a consistent scalable income (even while you’re not at your desk) and enjoy more laptop-free time with your family/friends.

Building Your Business

Get Your
First Clients

Streamline Your Workflows

Expert Support + Accountability



Authorization & Awards

The SMMA Curriculum is your ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION for a complete business model.

Imagine having a handy library of 3 courses in 1.

Instead of taking multiple separate courses to learn about:

…PLUS… if you want… you can get the work experience your portfolio needs by working with our agency.

…you can HAVE IT ALL in ONE streamlined step-by-step course with proven results to make everything easier for you (and save a HUGE amount of $$$).
Trust me on this. This program includes so much value!

+ As the cherry on top you also get a certification, high-level personalized support and feedback on your work, plus an amazing community of likeminded women in the same position as you.

Does this sound like you?

You’re feeling STUCK at your boring 9-5 desk right next to that old work colleague, complaining about the same things but wishing things were different.
You wish you had the freedom to be your own boss so you could to work from home or from anywhere. You would love to have more time and energy to do the things you love in life.

Or you became a social media manager to have more freedom and flexibility in life but somewhere along the line, things began to feel overwhelming.
The stress levels keep rising while your energy levels seem to be declining daily. Your dreams of having more time and freedom feel further away than ever before.

Or maybe you would love to earn more while working less.
You’re feeling overworked and are just one project away from burnout. You want to have the possibility to work smarter, not harder and earn more while working less.

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Client Love

Ready For Results Like This?

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Is Social Media Manager Academy for me?

This is perfect for you if:

This is NOT for you if:

I've designed my process and framework to be very actionable and hands-on.

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Meet your coach

Hi There, I'm Hanna

And I can’t wait to lead you to your best life through owning your own business..

I’m a certified business coach and top-level social media agency owner.

Before I turned freelance social media manager over six years ago I was a nurse specialist and manager responsible for a large team.

I heard about the freelance industry and decided to join. I had no idea that the best years of my life were just around the corner.

My business grew quickly to a wildly successful social media agency while I was traveling the world.

I developed a formula that allowed me to go from zero to a six-figure agency in a pretty short time period.

The best part is that I did this while working part-time hours and having two babies.

I’ve built a business model that allows me to have a f
ree, fulfilling and flexible lifestyle with a focus on being a mom FIRST.

That’s a specialty I have in the entrepreneurial space… Helping you build not just a thriving business, but in a way that also allows you walk the path to your dream life – whatever that means to you.

Featured in:

cs sample logo buzz
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cs sample logo entrepreneur

The past years, I have helped hundreds of women around the world to make more and work less by starting a freelance social media management business and I’ve developed my expertise into an easy-to-follow course.

Me and my team have put years of work into making the Social Media Manager Academy a reality so we could help all the newer social media managers step into their best life while having massive success in their businesses.

I want to share with you my formula for SMM success, family happiness, career fulfillment, and lasting impact.

As a social media entrepreneur myself, you can trust that everything is up-to-date and grounded in real-world experience.

After growing a successful agency myself and guiding many entrepreneurs in growing their businesses, I am beyond confident this is the roadmap and secret advantage you need to grow exponentially.

Congratulations on your next chapter, I’m thrilled to be your mentor!

"Before, I used to worry about where my next client was coming from. Now, I have set up my business to create consistent income, generate leads on autorepeat and I know exactly what to do when I need more clients"
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Social Media Manager

But is This Kind Of Business Going To Get Me Work?

As a social media marketer you have one of the most sought after skill on the market today…
According to stats from LinkedIn social media marketing is one of the top most in demand profiles and skill on their platform right now (in 2023) and the demand is still on the rise.

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Before vs. After SMMA

Your life before the course:

Your life after the course:


We Are Certified

Social Media Manager Academy holds the prestigious certification from ECC (E-course certification), a widely recognized accreditation institute in the e-learning industry.

We’re also an authorized & licensed social media manager certificate provider by the Social Media Manager Certification Institute.

This means that our course has been rigorously evaluated and certified by third parties (highly trusted global authorities within educational quality assurance).

Social Media Manager Academy has met the high standards set by ECC and Social Media Manager Certification Institute, demonstrating our commitment to delivering a top-quality learning experience.

By choosing our certified e-course, learners can be assured of its educational value, as it has been evaluated and accredited.

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This also means that you will get a certificate of completion when you have finished our course with the globally recognized ECC badge and Social Media Manager Certification badge on it to increase your credibility as a master social media professional.


Hayley – SMM Alumni

Social media managers who are certified by ECC and Social Media Manager Certification Instutute are more likely to get hired.

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The Framework

Introducing Our Five Step Signature
SMM Academy Framework:
- The Magical S-Formula

This is our unique signature framework we have used to grow our multi-six figure agency. This is also the framework we use in the course to help you build a business that runs like a well-oiled machine.

We use 5 core steps to tailor your journey with us to your lifestyle needs, how you want to run your business, and where you want to take it.

simple and convenient. set an overall estimate and define parameters for how you will track your time. 1920 × 1080 px 3

So What's Inside The Course?

Click the tabs below to get a sneak peek on what’s inside every module.

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Ready, Set, Strategize

Unlock your unique potential to reach success by creating a steady and sustainable ground for your dream business.

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Building Your Dream Business

Get client ready so once they see you, working with you is impossible to resist.

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Killer Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business

Unleash your inner marketing rockstar to ensure that you and your amazing business reach the eyes of those looking for what you have to offer and make them buy from you!

Skarmbild 2023 06 28 133800 1


Working With Clients Like a Pro

Systemizing your business and developing smooth workflows will help you get more structure, save time, achieve goals quickly and set yourself up for long-term success.

Skarmbild 2023 06 28 134354 1


Content Creation Made Easy

Having a streamlined system for your content strategy and production will unlock your creative potential, making it possible to share exciting content with ease on auto-repeat.

smm framework
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Working Smarter Not Harder

Maximizing the power of your time and resources can open new doors to success. Harnessing these tools will help you unlock a new world of effectiveness even while you’re not working.

Plus, You'll Get The SMM Template Toolbox With:

Ever done-for-you templates you need to run and scale your business while saving hours of time.

Let’s break them down:

…and more


Enroll now and you’ll also get high-level personalized support!
(Gold Program)

Social Media Manager 1280 × 300px 1280 × 400px 700 × 400px 3


Voxer is a free real-time communication walkie-talkie app that allows us to exchange voice/text messages and files.  

You will have 3 months of Voxer access to me to answer your burning questions M-F. This is almost like having a personal coach in your pocket!

Social Media Manager 1280 × 300px 1280 × 400px 700 ×


Get our eyes on the work you want feedback on.

You have an option to get feedback on your chosen assignments like your portfolio, packages and offers. 3 months access.

Work Experience

(Gold Program)

After completing our training videos, you have the option get real-life work experience working with our top-level agency at Studio Socials. You’ll tackle tasks within social media and content creation for our agency as a Freelance Social Media Manager. Importantly, these tasks are entirely optional, without strict deadlines, and something you can include as your work experience in your portfolio and on your resume.

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Membership Access

Enroll now and you’ll also get 3 months free access to our membership + community – the Social Media Manager Club.

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social media manager course 2


Enroll now and you’ll also get these bonuses totally FREE! 

Copy of Kopia av BONUS Multi device mockup Set B by Bluchic 15 1 scaled


VALUE $299

This will be your ultimate business planner, marketing planner and CRM (client management system). A place where you can handle everything in ONE single place in an organized and structured way.

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VALUE $1000

(Magical, Amazing and Life Changing!) You’ll get a library of copy-and-paste swipe files, resources & templates.
You will get EVERY SINGLE template, tool, SOP and resource on a silver platter to make doing this as easy as possible….


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VALUE $500

The robust system I use in my social media agency to plan content weeks, months, and quarters in advance.



VALUE $700

Done for you high-converting templates with all the pages you need for your high-converting website specifically for social media managers . With this website you’re gonna capture those leads and make money.

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VALUE $199

You know potential leads wanna see success stories before they decide to work with you. And if you don’t have them or they’re not working for you I have a proven step-by-step system so people will not even blink about working with you.

Skarmbild 2023 06 27 112818 1


VALUE $199

This will be your ultimate step-sy-step guide to handling ANY of your client’s objections, with over 100 clever ways to close your sales.


scale 8

Value at least $1565/Month

1 Month Free Access To Scale Funnels Including ALL Features – You will lock in the founding members price and will pay only $83/month (if you stay as a yearly member) once your free month has ended.
 Read more about Scale Funnels HERE.

Step-by-step tech tutorials + Chat support M-F

All the tech tools and marketing systems you will ever need to run your social media business or agency: like CRM, website, social media scheduler, email marketing, phone system and the ability to host your courses, products, memberships etc.

This is the only system we now use in my agency and we have been replacing ALL our tools to this platform and it has helped us cut down massively on our monthly software costs. I’ve partnered with the founders of this platform to create Scale Funnels and to get you this super valuable deal for a very limited time.


10,000 email sends are automatically included per month and the fee is $10/10,000 after that.
You will need to purchase your own phone number through Scale Funnels if you want to use the inbound phone system for SMS and calls (ranges between $1-3 per month)


Here’s what Sofia one of our members says about the platform:

Author picture
Untitled design 2023 09 04T074452.317


“Scale Funnels has revolutionized my online business journey. As an entrepreneur, having all the essential tech tools in one platform not only saved me valuable time but also significantly cut down on costs. The user-friendly interface made the transition seamless, allowing me to focus on business growth without the usual tech headaches. Scale Funnels is a game-changer – simplicity and comprehensive functionality rolled into one.

Check out Sofia’s video testimonial HERE.

Sofia Seving | Wealth Coach
CEO The Wealthy Vibe

Pay In Full Bonus

VALUE $400

Skarmbild 2023 06 27 112559 1

Done-for-you templates and a workbook to boost sales of your offers. In this bonus I will walk you through my 4-week promotional strategy on how to use social media templates + captions to launch your offers and services and turn followers into customers.

Unlimited access to MY TEMPLATE vault



Study at the pace that works for YOU

How Does SMMA Compare To Other Business Programs



Ready To Get Results Like This?

"Becoming a social media manager was a game-changer in my life. With Hannas help I've built a brand and a business I love. This was a way for me to escape my 9-5 job and create a sustainable income stream without needing an office job or relying on someone else's approval. Hanna provided and empowered me in an amazing way with the resources and the necessary tools I needed in order to start and grow my new business."

smma png

The support you will have access to


Get our eyes the work you want feedback on and get all your questions answered whenever you need it. Exclusive access for 3 months (gold program).


Q&A-forum + connect with other like-minded women + monthly marketing resources. Jam-packed with high energy and totally amazing + supportive women who are driven to succeed. Exclusive access for 3 months.


Access my systems, templates, workbooks, checklists, scripts, swipe-files and more that I use in my business. You name it, you get it all. A library filled with proven resources.
Lifetime access.

With this detailed course, you'll gain access to an exclusive and powerful business strategy, Support & Community that will not only help you grow your business but also drive significant revenue.

Learn from a proven framework that provides you with all the support and info you need + done-for-you scripts, templates calculators, trackers and planners. This is a simple and complete “business-in-a-box-solution” to start and grow your own wildly successful business.

Opt in Template Page Mockups 1


Seize this opportunity by JOINING US today

You will be thankful in 6 short weeks that you did!



Want to split your payment?
Payment plans available at checkout.

Want to split your payment? Payment plans available at checkout. 

Pay in Euro HERE


Want to split your payment?
Payment plans available at checkout.

Want to split your payment? Payment plans available at checkout.

Pay in Euro HERE

This is the question that I always ask myself Before I purchase a course:

I ask myself – “How much would it take for me to pay off this investment?”
And I really think about the return on investment…
So if you feel like Social Media Manager Academy is going to help you land just ONE single client… then that’s paying for the entire program!
So only landing one client is going to make this an excellent ROI for you.

And for only $2,45 per day for 1 year you could get a completely new career and life. That’s what it will cost per day if you join SMM-Academy Gold (if you spread out the cost over the course of the year). I mean….that’s even less than the cost of a cup of coffee!!


What some Of Our Students are Saying

Namnlos design 12
Untitled design 2023 09 04T074452.317

I never thought reaching 10K per month was possible as a social media manager. But with the right tools, strategy and mindset this can actually be done. I would have never reached this goal without the help from this amazing course and I highly recommend Hanna as a business coach. 

Namnlos design 13
Untitled design 2023 09 04T074452.317

I really struggled in my business to find clients and especially high ticket clients. With the strategies in this course I was fully booked within my first month working with her and I could successfully quit my 9-5 job. Since then I have only worked with the clients I really want to work with and I now have systems in place to earn more and work less.

Namnlos design 11
Untitled design 2023 09 04T074452.317

I wanted to have more time to travel and a job where I could work remotely. With the help from this course I could start a SMM business that generated a consistent monthly income so I could do the things I loved the most while not being stuck in my office working 9-5. This freedom and flexibility is amazing and I love how fast and easy I could reach this goal with the help and knowledge from this course.

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Skarmbild 2023 06 13 100403

I Cannot Wait For YOUR Success story!


This isn't another mind-numbing and useless course.

  • Social Media Manager Academy is the only course that hands you my exact formula for how I built multi 6-figure online business. It’s crafted with precision and jam-packed with the actual steps that will take you from zero to the first client and beyond.

  • You’re always supported by the community and with me as your Voxer buddy, I’m literally in your pocket so your work gets reviewed by someone who’s already reached the level of wealth and happiness you desire and you can make sure whatever assets you bring into play for your business are top-notch.

  • Not only do you get the precise and proven steps to start and scale your business, but you also have me by your side, showing you the elements of entrepreneurship. This level of pro insight is seriously invaluable.

  • Dive deeper than the Internet can take you! Forget generic advice, this isn’t just a typical “fluff training” – it’s precision-crafted, jam-packed with strategy to give you results in the least amount of time.

  • The course is designed to give you the tools to get your first client during your first month from the day you start. Get ready to uplevel to success!

  • I’ve been in the industry for more than six years, and during that time I have absorbed it all. From knowledge to experiences, everything has helped me create a unique approach. It’s truly an education of its own!

  • Armed with a wealth of experience, I passionately created this course with love, because as a social media manager and business owner myself – I’ve been there. From start-up to success, I’m your go-to guide for conquering the wild world of social media no matter what stage you’re currently at.

14 Days Money-Back Guarantee

ld 48 1

I’m extremely proud of this program and I’m confident in the results and the transformation it provides. I know that anyone who buys this course and implements the strategies will be thrilled with their purchase.

That’s why I’m offering a 14-day money-back guarantee.
If you do the work within the first two modules of the Social Media Manager Academy + send us your completed homework for Module 1 & Module 2 and you don’t think it’s the right fit for your business, we will refund your money within 14 days of your purchase.

How it works...

Here’s what happens when you buy

Enroll Now

Lock in your spot now by chosing the Silver or Gold Program. Payment plans are available at checkout.

Receive an email

All the details and access to the course portal and the membership will immediately be sent in an email.

Get access TO COURSE

The course modules will be drip released one-by-one weekly with start from your purchase day. In just 6 short weeks you can have a completely new life!

social media manager certification

You have two options right now

👉You can think about it, wondering what are the best strategies to structure your business, create your offers and attract clients…

Loosing time, money, energy and brain power while missing out on your visions and dreams…


👉You can follow the tested and proven roadmap with organized frameworks and strategies that have worked AGAIN AND AGAIN to grow social media businesses to their first $5-10k months…

Now is the moment... create something extraordinary!

An entrepreneurial venture that you can be proud of, and one that doesn’t requires hustling for low-ticket clients on social media. 

With so many businesses needing help with their online presence in today’s digital era, this could be your chance to take advantage of a huge opportunity! 

I hope you choose to dive in a trust the process.

Don’t wait any longer – Take action right now and never look back..

See you on the inside! 


Untitled Project




Want to split your payment? Payment plans available at checkout. 

Pay in Euro HERE

Everything in Silver + WORK EXPERIENCE, Personalized Coaching & Feedback On Your Work


Want to split your payment? Payment plans available at checkout. 

Pay in Euro HERE

There's One More Thing I Want To Chat With You About before You Go...
👉6 Weeks From Now

Because If you join me in SMMA, chances are your life will look and feel pretty different by then…

…thanks to the fact that you run a sustainable business that allows you to get Stripe notifications pinging in your inbox even when you’re not working.

…you could have stability, security and predictability in your business to the point where you can step off the trading-hours-for-dollars hamster wheel and work the hours YOU want.



This course works for you whether you just want a profitable side hustle or a full-time business that you can scale.

It’s a great course for you whether you have no experience at all or if you want to scale your existing social media management business.

Yes, the content in the course is applicable wherever you live in the world.

You can choose to stay in our membership the Social Media Manager Club if you want continued support.

You will also keep your log-ins to the course and will have lifetime access to the course material. You can go back in whenever you like and continue learning. 


First we strategize and then we make sure you have a great foundation and that your offers are irresistible and that you have a system to sell them with ease. The personal critique will help you improve everything you create.


Many previous 1:1 clients and students of ours have started and scaled their businesses with our framework and there’s no reason why you can’t too.

I have no doubt that you’re gonna get exactly what you need. I stand behind this course with literally my everything.

Of course there are no guarantees because you have to put in the work but I will give you the exact framework that has helped us in our business and our previous students and clients to succeed.

Plus, we have our 14-day refund policy if you join and realize it wasn’t meant for you.

Definietly not. During this course, you will learn all the skills you need to start, grow and scale your business.

In Voxer and on the coaching calls, you can ask all your questions.

You will need a laptop to access the course material.

The course content is living in my course platform.

I will show you all the tools I use to streamline my workflows and save time. Which tools you want to implement is up to you to decide. (I will show you both free and paid options.

The extra level of support you get in this course is outstanding with Voxer support as well as personal review with our eyes and feedback on your unique work.

This course is tailored just for social media managers and not just a general course for every business niche which means you will get a very detailed step-by-step roadmap on how to succeed.

This is not just an online course with no outcome. This is an action-focused step-by-step roadmap with a proven framework that will give you a huge transformation.

After your free month has ended Scale Funnels costs $83/month for access to all features and templates (if you choose to become a yearly member. Monthly members pay $99. THIS IS A FOUNDING MEMBERS PRICE AND WILL SOON INCREASE! When you join now you lock in this price for as long as you stay a member.

No one WordPress website is included in your plan. If you want more domains on our hosting it’s $12/month.

You can also use your own domain if you already have a website. 

You can embed videos and you have unlimited video hosting storage for your course areas.

This is why we offer Voxer Support + access to the membership community + Q&A-forum, so that you can get your personal questions answered.

This course is created for busy women who have many things to juggle. The videos are made short and are actionable.

The video trainings will take around 1 hour every week and if you dedicate around 1-3 hours per week for implementation it should take you 6 weeks to get through all the phases.

You will have lifetime access to the video modules and course material so there’s no worries if you want to go slower.

Keep in mind one of the main reasons you’re joining this program is to create a system to have a more free and flexible life with more time do do the things you love.

This means that you will be gaining back your invested time (and money) and most importantly, be able to operate your business with way less stress.

Don’t let time constraints keep you from making your dreams a reality! Even if it seems like the ‘perfect time’ doesn’t exist, success is there for those who make their aspirations a priority. Never give up pushing yourself to create the life of your dreams regardless of what limitations may stand in front of you.

If you have committed to a payment plan, you are responsible for full payment of the fees regardless of whether you complete the course or not.

Installments will be processed automatically every month until your payment plan is complete.

This all depends on YOU and the actions you implement while going through the course.

The course is designed to help you land your first client within the first month of the course which will help you get back the investment of the course and more!

I will provide you with everything I know and all my tools and resources, and then it’s up to you how you implement the knowledge.

NO! You will learn all the strategies to get clients without having a website or a massive social media following.

In my opinion Voxer communication + support in combination with personal feedback on your assignments is SO VALUABLE!

Number one we might be in different time zones which can make it hard for everyone to show up on group coaching calls.

Number two you might be busy and have a hard time to show up on the group coaching calls.

Number three it can be hard to find time to answer everyone’s questions on a group coaching call.

Plus you get more in depth and personalized 1:1 feedback from me compared to if I just would give you a short answer on a live group call.

Only if you’re an experienced pro that have a business that is scaling rapidly but most often when you are a few years into your business you are in a stage where everything still feels a bit messy and you might not have reached your financial goals. I will show you how to get more structure and how you can free up time while still bringing in a consistent & scalable income with ease. 

Scale Funnels integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The only other cost required to use Scale Funnels outside of your monthly subscription is if you surpass the included $10 monthly credit for email and SMS sends, the additional cost is $10 for 10,000 email credits and $10 for 900 SMS messages.

Purchasing a domain name and a business email address also happens separately, outside of Scale Funnels. 

Yes you can design your check out page to look the way you want it to be and you can add upsells and downsells.