Want to live a more free and flexible life where you can work from anywhere and plan your own schedule?



A step-by-step framework to grow a profitable social media manager business in only 6 weeks, without working harder, just smarter, so you can have a more flexible life and a consistent scalable income.

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    SMM Academy will take you from being trapped, overworked and unhappy with your income to working less and earning more by using our unique framework to grow and scale a sustainable business in 8 weeks so you can have a more free and flexible life.

    ⭐️This lifestyle has been the reality for me for six years as a freelance social media manager.

    ⭐️In just one year I built a six figure business while I was able to travel and discover the world without having to work full time hours.

    ⭐️I was able to leave my stressful corporate job as a nurse specialist.

    ⭐️Today I’m able to work from home and have more time with my loved ones while making more money than I would ever imagine as a nurse.

    ⭐️As I’m now a mom of two young toddlers this flexible lifestyle with a consistent income is invaluable.

    ⭐️In this course I will show you how you can do the same. 

    You’re ready for more FLEXIBILITY & freedom

    As a freelance social media manager you can work from home or from anywhere in the world. You are your own boss and can plan your own schedule and how much work you’ll take on.

    You're an action-taker & WOULD LOVE A CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE

    Are you tired of your corporate job and desire to do something new and more flexible? If you’re an action-taker working as an SMM will suit you perfectly.

    You want to scale to your next big milestone

    This course is for you whether you’re a new SMM that haven’t yet started your business as well as if you’re more experienced. We will cover how you start, grow AND scale your business.

    Here's what some Of Our Previous SMMA Students Are Saying

    Have a steady flow of clients

    "Landed my first client within a month."

    As a former hairdresser I knew nothing about social media management, marketing or building a business. With Hanna’s help I started my own SMM business and got my first client within the first month of us working together. Her systems and workflow automations are brilliant and I now have a steady flow of clients and a profitable business with a consistent income.

    Liesen MILLER

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    Hit $10K months in revenue

    "I never thought reaching 10K per month was possible as a social media manager"

    I never thought reaching 10K per month was possible as a social media manager. But with the right tools, strategy and mindset this can actually be done. I would have never reached this goal without Hanna’s help and I highly recommend her as a business coach. 

    Sarah SMITH

    Fully booked to quit 9-5

    "I now have systems in place to earn more and work less"

    I really struggled in my business to find clients and especially high ticket clients. With Hanna’s strategies I was fully booked within my first month working with her and I could successfully quit my 9-5 job. Since then I have only worked with the clients I really want to work with and I now have systems in place to earn more and work less.


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    consistent monthly income

    "This freedom and flexibility is amazing"

    I wanted to have more time to travel and a job where I could work remotely. Hanna helped me start a SMM business that generated a consisted monthly income so I could do the things I loved the most while not being stuck in an office working 9-5. This freedom and flexibility is amazing and I love how fast and easy I could reach this goal with Hanna’s help and knowledge.


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