How to Become a Beauty Influencer – 11 Ways To Skyrocket Your Career

In this blog post, we will cover how to become a beauty influencer.

Imagine a group of raving supporters and the most recent beauty items being delivered to you from the most popular beauty brands.

Many people desire to be a beauty influencer, which is why it’s becoming more difficult to do so. However, if you have a plan to generate an audience and reach out to beauty companies so they can see your amazing beauty talents, it will significantly boost your influencing career.

As you may know, the beauty industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world with a projected worth of $511 billion dollars by 2021.

With so many people going online to find information about how they can improve their look and how they can access new products, it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning into an influencer on various platforms such as Instagram or YouTube.

In order to be successful as an influencer in the beauty space, there are some steps that need to be taken first! Join our list below for all 11 tips on how to become a beauty influencer today!

What Does It Mean To Be a Beauty Influencer?

What does a beauty influencer do?

A beauty influencer is a person who creates and posts content to any social media platform about cosmetics, fashion, hairstyling, nail art, and other beauty-related topics.

As a beauty influencer, you can reach out to your target audience through how-to videos, photos of yourself with makeup on or off, and any other type of content that discusses the latest trends in the beauty industry.

As you probably already know, you can become an influencer by working with brands you love. You can join in on their campaigns or utilize their brand-related hashtags in your posts.

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How Much Does It Pay To Be An Influencer?

On average, Instagram micro-influencers with less than 10,000 followers can earn on average $88 per post. Most micro-influencers are as an alternative gifted with free products or discounts for posting. Those with less than 100,000 followers earn on average $200 per post, but these numbers often vary from account to account.

how to become a beauty influencer

How Can I Earn Money As A Beauty Influencer?

Now you might be wondering how to make money as a beauty influencer.

There are many ways how you can start earning money by being an online beauty influencer. You can apply for paid collaborations, monetize your blog with affiliate links, or apply for brand ambassador opportunities.

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You can also make money by creating how-to videos and tutorials on YouTube or create and sell your own beauty products or informational digital products.

Beauty Influencer Content Ideas

The content that beauty influencers can create for brands include as an example:

  • Unboxing videos featuring products
  • Product reviews with text + image or video
  • Product demonstrations showcasing how a product works
  • Sponsored giveaways
  • Live content, such as a makeup tutorials or a Q+A sessions – this may be in cooperation with a brand ‘expert’

How to Become a Beauty Influencer

Here are some important steps you need to take when you think about how to start being a beauty influencer.

1. Have An Interest In Beauty Products

First and foremost, you need to have a genuine interest in the beauty products that your target audience is interested in. Without this level of enthusiasm for how-to videos or photos around makeup and fashion, it will be difficult to engage with anyone on social media.

Your followers will also become more loyal and trust you when they notice that you only talk from your own experience and that you only promote products you’re using and loving.

how to become a beauty influencer on instagram

2. Diversify Your Marketing Platforms

While we do recommend building up an audience on Instagram, we do not recommend that you stick to Instagram alone. You can find audiences on YouTube or other video-sharing platforms as well!

Having your own website and starting a blog is not a must but it will be easier for you to land paid brand collaborations if they can see that you have one.

3. Join Beauty Influencer Communities

One way to find other influencers is by joining a beauty influencer community. You can find relevant beauty influencer communities on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. Think Facebook groups, Pinterest group boards, Tailwind communities, Instagram engagement groups etc.

If possible try connecting with people who are working in similar niches as well! The more collaborative relationships you have with other influencers, the more likely it is for you to get noticed by brands.

4. Find Viral Beauty Related Hashtags

If you are looking to land brand collaborations, it is important for your content to be relevant to the hashtags that brands use when they post about how their products work. You should also be using hashtags that your target audience are searching for to show up in their search results.

Try using a mix of large, medium and small hashtags to increase your reach.

There are many popular community based hashtags in the beauty community like #beautycommunity #skincarecommunity #makeupcommunity #haircarecommunity #panningcommunity

5. Collaborate With Other Beauty Influencer For Giveaways

Many beauty influencers will collaborate with other brands or influencers to host giveaways for their own audience. This is a great way to bring attention to your brand as well!

6. Stand Out Among Your Competitors

With over one billion users on Instagram, you have to stand out to get seen. Showcasing your unique personality is going to help you cut trough the noice, especially when it comes to grabbing the attention of brands.

Think about what makes you unique and use this in your bio and talk about it when you pitch yourself to brands.

7. Join Affiliate Networks For Beauty Products

You can also make money by joining affiliate networks that are related to beauty products. You will get a small commission every time you refer someone to make a purchase via your affiliate links.

Affiliate networks you can join to find beauty brands are for example Awin, CJ Comission, VigLink etc. and Amazon.

8. Pitch Yourself to Beauty Brands

So, how do you approach beauty brands as an influencer?

You can pitch yourself directly to brands by emailing them with an intro of how many followers you have, what interests your audience has and how your blog or YouTubers are related to their brand.

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It is also wise for you to mention how they will benefit from working with you since doing sponsored posts on Instagram won’t be enough to show how you can add value to their brand.

To look professional and stand out among your competitors you need to attach your media kit in your email pitch.

We have professionally designed media kit templates you can customize to match your personal brand style.

9. Find Brands To Work With That Aligns With Your Personal Brand

The brands you reach out to should make sense to your own personal brand and brand values. If the brand doesn’t fit your profile, it might not be worth sending them a pitch.

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10. Follow Beauty Brands and Other Beauty Influencers on Social Media

One way to find out how brands behave and what kind of content that they publish is by following them on social media. If you have been following and engaging with the brands social media profile for a while it makes it easier for you to land a potential future collaboration.

Following other beauty influencers is a way to get inspiration for how to improve your own content and it will also be a way for you to find new hashtags that might work well with the kind of content you create. Also if you engage with them you might get noticed by their followers.

11. Create Content That Your Audience Is Interested In

It is essential for beauty influencers not just talk about how great their favorite products are but how they actually use them. While doing product reviews can be a part of how you create content, it is also important to utilize the products in creative ways.

For example if you have sensitive and acne prone skin and struggle with finding makeup that won’t irritate your skin, why not do tutorial videos on how to use different kinds of concealers for covering up blemishes.

Try to utilize every platform to its fullest and use all the different forms of content types like posts, Instagram stories, Instagram Reels, Instagram Lives etc. This will increase your exposure and engagement and lead to more followers.


So now you know how to become a beauty influencer and what does it take to stand out in the massive beauty community. You can use these tips to become a successful influencer even if you are just starting out!

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