13 Black Friday Marketing Tips to Boost Conversions

Black Friday is a day that many businesses look forward to all year. Black Friday can be a huge opportunity for your business, but it’s important to have the right Black Friday marketing strategy in place! In this blog post, we will discuss 13 Black Friday marketing tips that you can implement on this and future Black Fridays to boost your conversion rate and increase sales.

What is Black Friday Marketing?

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in America. Black Friday sales are known for being incredibly low priced and this makes Black Friday a prime opportunity to boost your conversions! If you’re not already running Black Friday marketing campaigns it’s time to start planning.

Black Friday is a great opportunity to drive additional traffic and increase revenue for your small business.

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Black Friday Marketing Tips

Now you might be wondering how do you market on Black Friday and how can I increase sales on Black Friday?

Black Friday promotions can be found almost everywhere, but what are some Black Friday promotion ideas that really stand out?

These Black Friday marketing tips will help you get your business ready to take advantage of this opportunity and stay ahead of your competition!

1. Build a Black Friday E-mail List

I’m sure you’re aware of the power of email marketing in generating Black Friday sales. To make your e-mail marketing effective, you need to grow a list of subscribers who are interested in your future offers.

Create an email popup targeting new visitors who are interested in your Black Friday offers a few weeks before the big day.

You may increase the number of new signups by rewarding them with a discount, free delivery, or a gift.

2. Experiment With Black Friday Timing

I know what you’re thinking, Black Friday is always on a specific day of the year… Or is it? You can increase your chances of converting visitors into customers by experimenting with timings and see which time works best for you!

How early or late should you be with your marketing? That’s entirely your choice.

  • Early marketing: Fortunately, there are creative methods to pique your potential consumers’ attention before they become overwhelmed by Black Friday messages from e-commerce giants. The earlier in November that BlackFriday comes about, the less competition there will be.
  • Late Black Friday Marketing: If you’re reading this after the typical Black Friday schedule, or if you want to stand out among the competition, consider delaying your launch. Cyber Monday is growing bigger and Black Friday deals are lasting longer.

Black Friday shoppers are getting more and more familiar with Black Friday sales, so you need to find ways of making your BlackFriday promotions stand out. Experimenting with timings will help you determine the best approach for Black Friday marketing success!

3. Surprise Your Customers

So how do you stand out on Black Friday? To generate more sales it’s a great idea to create a buzz around your Black Friday deals and surprise your customers with offers that they didn’t see coming. Customers will be delighted when their expectations are subverted, so surprise Black Friday shoppers with special and exclusive offers that they won’t find anywhere else.

4. Create Urgency

Offering a free gift specifically to social media users or a countdown clock on the sale also provides a sense of urgency which leads to more sales.

5. Make Your Sale Memorable

Black Friday is a day for great bargains and amazing deals – it’s the perfect time to launch products you’ve been considering launching or discounts on existing products.

To make your Black Friday sale memorable, try making it bigger and better than Black Friday sales offered by other retailers. Take the Black Friday sale one step further with giveaways, free shipping or even discounts that extend into Cyber Monday (if you’re ready to keep running Black Friday deals).

Don’t forget about Drip Marketing! This is an ideal time to launch your next email marketing campaign for whatever holiday or product launch you have coming up. Black Friday is the perfect day to tease your next campaign!

6. Offer More Benefits

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to go above and beyond discounts in order to give your consumers additional offers, such as free delivery, returns, or bonuses.

Many businesses offer their customers free products based on how much they spend.

Make sure your return policy is clear and well-communicated on your store. It may persuade consumers who are on the fence to buy because you’re demonstrating trust in your product and eliminating risk.

7. Build Some Excitement Around Your Upcoming Black Friday Sale

Tease your clients with emails about what’s next and on social media, post sneak peaks. The sooner you begin, the more success you’ll have once you do announce the sale.

As soon as you’re announcing your sale, it gives your customers and potential customers the ability to integrate you into their holiday shopping season.

8. Create Black Friday Marketing Campaigns That Stand Out

Black Friday is not a battle of the best offers, it’s a battle of attention to your marketing campaign. Black Friday emails and social media posts with the most appealing headlines will be opened and engaged with first, so make sure your Black Friday marketing slogans are attention-grabbing.

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Gorgeous graphics and visuals will get people excited about your upcoming campaign.

You can write effective Black Friday email and social media captions by using the word “free” or writing something that lets customers know you’re offering a deal on Black Friday.

Experiment with Black Friday emails by sending them out to different segments of your contact list. You can test headlines, discounts and other offers; you’ll be able to see which Black Friday email marketing approach works best for your business!

9. Create Abandoned Cart Emails

Consider creating abandoned cart Black Friday emails and Black Friday abandoned cart remarketing campaigns to encourage customers who were about to buy, but didn’t.

It’s a gentle reminder that says, “Hey! Remember this? Why don’t you come back and purchase it?”

10.Think Mobile First

Black Friday is a day for BlackFriday shopping, but it’s also a day that people are busy BlackFriday shopping from their mobile devices.

Mobile Black Friday sales have been increasing last years and they’re getting more popular each year!

During Black Friday 2020, mobile online sales were 24% higher than desktop sales. 

Make your Black Friday marketing campaigns mobile-friendly by creating BlackFriday landing pages that are designed for smaller screens, which will help you increase conversions and sales on BlackFriday.

11. Plan Ads and Ad Copy

When you plan your ads ahead of time, you have more time to think about the text and placement of your advertisements. Create your landing page as soon as possible so you may experiment with conversion tracking and UTM variables.

Please note that bids may be more expensive during the competitive holiday season (depending on your industry), and you could need to increase your bid price on certain keywords or audiences in order to improve ad exposure.

If you’re going to invest in paid advertising, it’s a good idea to make your holiday sale ad budget beforehand. You even might want to engage the services of a digital marketing company to assist you develop a paid advertising strategy that is tailored to your business.

You can use retargeting ads to reach customers that have previously purchased from your store. Existing consumers are typically simpler to contact and promote to than brand new ones since they have previously purchased from you. Your brand will be more familiar to them, and they’ll be more responsive to your Black Friday promotion advertisements.

12. Tease Your Next Campaign

If you want to get the most out of the holiday shopping season, consider announcing your next major campaign when Black Friday is over.

You may already start advertising Cyber Monday, Christmas, or your own holiday while also suggesting that an amazing campaign is on the way.

Black Friday is a great opportunity to tease your next marketing campaign, and customers will be eager for the announcement.

13. Track Your Results

When Cyber Weekend is over you want to be able to analyze your results and if things didn’t go as planned, you can look at what went wrong and make adjustments for future sales.

You’re putting in a lot of work on your marketing to ensure that your campaign succeeds. You can see what worked and didn’t work when you track everything you do. Tips is to use Google Analytics and a heat map so you can track where your customers are clicking on your site.

Also, you should keep an eye on your competitors’ marketing efforts. It may provide you with inspiration for future Cyber Weekend specials.


We hope you found these Black Friday marketing tips helpful! Black Friday is a great opportunity to get your online business more attention. Use Black Friday to your advantage and make sure you stand out from the crowd.

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