Instagram Growth Hacks That Won’t Break the Bank

Instagram growth hacks that won’t break the bank – Keep on reading and implement these tips to gain followers on Instagram and grow your personal brand.

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Instagram Growth Hacks that wont break the bank

Instagram Growth Hacks

These are some valuable tips on how to grow your Instagram for free.

Create engaging content – How to engage your audience

Instagram is a visual platform and it’s all about creating engaging visual content. Everyday Instagram users spend hours on the platform. They are looking for creative visual experiences that make them excited.

When your audience spends a lot of time reading your post, the Instagram algorithm will rank it as important and show it to more users. Therefore it is beneficial to write a long engaging caption or to have a carousel with different pictures in the same post. But remember that quality is better than quantity.

Another hack to make your audience spend more time on your post is to make them write a comment by asking a question in the caption.

Check out my previous blog post on how to format Instagram posts.

Be consistent – How often to post

The frequency of your posts is another huge factor to pay attention to. It is important to show your audience and the Instagram algorithm that you are an active account. This will help to rank your posts and gives your audience something to look forward to and increasing their interest in your brand.

Try to post at least once a day and the Instagram algorithm will favor your posts and make it visible to more people. And remember if you don’t have time to create a post you can always publish an Instagram Story or an Instagram Live.

Have the right timing – Know when to post

Your timing when to post is also an important factor to reach as many people as possible. Try to be consistent and post at the same time every day. Have a look at your Instagram analytics (for business profiles) to see what time is the posting time for you. Your followers will be waiting for your post if you are consistent and they will be ready to engage as soon as your post is live.

Know your target audience – Who your ideal follower is

It’s important to know who your ideal follower is to be able to provide content they will like and engage with. You may have heard the saying “Try to appeal to everyone and you’ll appeal to no one.”

It takes a bit of research to find out who your target audience is but when you have figured this out it will be easier for you to create engaging content.

Have a clear bio – How to attract your target audience

To have a clear and specific Instagram bio is important to attract the right people to your page.

You have a few seconds to attract a new follower to your page and to do this you need to have a clear message what your page is about.

A fun way to make your bio more attractive is to save your best Instagram Stories in the Instagram Highlight section. To make your Highlight Categories look more professional I really recommend using Instagram Highlight Covers. Check out our beautiful and professional Instagram Highlight Covers to make your Instagram account stand out.

Use hashtags in your niche – Reach your target audience

Using the right hashtags on Instagram is an important strategy to be able to reach your target audience.

Choose hashtags that are relevant for your niche to reach your target audience. Take a look at your competitors to find new relevant hashtags.

Also, it’s important to make some research and use hashtags that are active and popular right now.

Use location tagging – Reach more people

Location tagging or geotagging is another possibility to reach more people that can turn into new followers. You can do this in your posts as well as in your stories.

Use alt text – Make the algorithm understand what your picture is about

Using ‘Alt text’ is a feature to use to better describe what your post is about to visually impaired people. But it’s also a way to tell the Instagram algorithm what your photo is about and it will then feature your post to more people in your niche. The third reason alt text is commonly used is to rank better in search engines like Google.

You can find the Alt text option in the ‘Advanced Settings’ when you create a new post.

Engage with others posts – Attract new followers

To engage with other peoples’ posts is as important as answering the comments on your own post. Be creative and search for hashtags in your niche to find new people to engage with and the chances of new followers will improve dramatically.

Also, have a look at your competitors’ followers and engage with their posts as well. Try to comment on at least 5-10 new accounts per day.

Create content in different forms

Try to be as creative as possible and publish content in different forms. Use all the different tools within the Instagram platform like Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Instagram Live.

If you implement these Instagram Growth Hacks to your Instagram account you will definitely see some great results. Stay tuned for my new freebie – ‘The Instagram Strategy Guide’ for even more ninja hacks on how to grow a massive Instagram following and how to make money on Instagram.

Let me know in the comments if this was helpful and what strategy has worked best for you to grow your Instagram account.

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