Why You are Losing Followers on Instagram

You have spent so much time and effort to share something that you value, but you still end up losing followers on Instagram. This problem can be really frustrating, especially as a business owner.

In this article you’ll learn are some of the most common reasons why people unfollow your Instagram account.

Why You are Losing Followers on Instagram

Most reasons are within your control. Having a systematic strategy of managing your engagement, time of posting, and of course, a great content strategy will make everything so much easier for you in the long run.

It is important to think twice before posting to avoid people unfollowing you. Ask yourself if what you are about to share will bring value to your followers as well as lead you closer to the goal you have for your business.

Why You are Losing Followers on Instagram – 11 Reasons

1. Lack of Engagement

Minimal to lack of engagement with your followers is a reason why you are losing followers on Instagram. Remember that Instagram is a social platform. Take time to appreciate the people who engage with you and find your account interesting.

2. Too Many Posts at Once

When you post too many things at once, it gives people a reason to unfollow your Instagram account. One trick here is to use an automation tool like Tailwind, to schedule your posts.

3. Inconsistent Posting

While posting too much is a reason for people to unfollow your Instagram account, inconsistent frequency of posting may affect your following count as well. Pick a frequency you can stick to in the long run to not burn out. If your followers notice your inactivity, then they may unfollow you

4. You Don’t Have any Specific Niche or Don’t Stick to Your Niche

To be successful on Instagram you should pick a niche of your interests, such as sales, travel, or food. Choose your target audience and make sure you’re posting about your niche topics to not confuse.

5. Your First Impression is Poor

The first impression is everything. The first impression you make on a new visitor and your already existing followers is critical – so make sure you don’t mess it up!

Besides your post images, the first thing people are going to see is your Instagram bio. Is it informative? Is it attractive and describes who you are or what your business is? Do you mention how you may be able to help them? Where you’re located? Where they can find out more? Do you have professional-looking Instagram Highlight Icons?

If you haven’t done this, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity!

Check out our Instagram Bio Checklist to make sure you’re not missing any important parts!

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    6.Contests and Giveaways

    While contest and giveaway regrams may increase your chance of winning a fancy prize, it also increases your chance of people unfollowing your Instagram account. Also when tagging, your followers in giveaways they may feel that they are just being used for your personal gain. You may want to consider splitting the prize with them if you win.

    7. Follow Trains

    Posting about follow trains can seem like a great idea to gain new followers but it can also annoy your already existing followers. They might not find this as valuable content and unfollow you.

    8. Poor Photo and Video Quality

    When the photos and videos you post are of low-quality people might unfollow you. These may be due to the low pixels, which makes the post blurry. Your photos and videos may have also been taken at an unflattering angle and with bad lighting conditions.

    9. Monitoring Follower Count

    There are times when people unfollow your Instagram account because they are cleaning their follower list. This may not be personal or about your posts. They might want to filter those who they see as beneficial to their account. They may also be overwhelmed simply by the number of accounts they follow.

    10. Fake and Spam Accounts

    Instagram has a system of deleting ghost accounts, which results in certain accounts unfollowing you. 

    11. The Follower Was Only Interested in a Follow Back

    The follower used the follow/unfollow method only to gain followers.

    12. You’re Constantly Promoting your Products

    If you’re constantly promoting your products without delivering any value, your audience is gonna get bored. There is nothing wrong with promoting your products and services – that’s why you’re building an audience on Instagram if you’re an entrepreneur. But, there is a difference between selling and being salesly. 

    13. You’re not relatable. 

    People love to read blogs and use social media to have a genuine look at someone’s personal life. Even if you use it for business purposes, it’s important not to be robotic.

    14. The Follower isn’t Interested in What you Post Anymore

    The follower might have changed interest and doesn’t find your content useful or valuable anymore.

    If you find you’re losing Instagram followers after you’ve just posted, your captions could be the problem.

    In your next post, consider implementing some of the following tips:

    Context behind the image: what’s happening here, why is it important, who’s in it?

    -Valuable and educational information: share valuable and educational content, like how-to guides, checklists and behind the scenes.

    Tell a story: how do you connect personally to this image, was it taken during a time of struggle, is it an essential element of your business, is it something you love,?

    -Ask a question: get your audience engaged and involved!

    Use a call to action: tell your followers you want them to leave a comment, share the post, tag a friend, or click the link in your bio

    -Focus on building genuine connections: send a DM to people who are commenting on your posts and start conversations to build trust.

    These simple actions make your followers feel like you’re talking personally to them and it encourages them to engage with your content.

    If your tone of voice and what you’re sharing resonates with your audience you’ll be sure they’re going to keep coming back. If you’re simply just uploading posts with no context, chances are high they’ll eventually get bored and hit that unfollow button.

    If you want more Instagram growth tips – check out our DIY Instagram Audit Checklist.

    Have you ever unfollowed someone on Instagram for any of these reasons? Let me know in the comments!

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