The Ultimate Social Media Manager Checklist: Your Daily To-Do List

A social media manager checklist is a powerful tool that every social media manager needs. It can be used to keep track of all the tasks you need to do on a daily basis, as well as how your social media strategy is going.

The social media manager has many responsibilities and it’s important to know what they are so you can sell yourself effectively when looking for work.

As social media managers, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our social media presence. Whether it’s finding new social networks to join or figuring out how to be more creative with content, there is always something that needs work.

It can be hard to keep up with all the social networking sites and content ideas floating around in your head. That’s why I created this social media manager checklist – a one-stop resource of everything you need as a social media manager!

Social media manager checklist
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Social Media Manager Checklist

Now you might be wondering what does a social media manager do daily?

As a social media manager, you will be responsible for many different social media tasks and accounts.

In this social media manager checklist you will learn about skills, daily tasks and tools you’ll need in your business.

What Are The Tasks Of Social Media Manager?

Your daily social media manager basics to-do list may include:

– Manage Social Media Profiles Across Various Social Networks

Creating social pages for businesses on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You should also be adding interesting content to your social accounts daily – this can include photos, infographics, videos etc. It’s up to you and your client what kind of posts you want to share with the public but make sure that they’re engaging enough so people keep clicking through.

– Respond To Social Media Questions and Comments

Respond on social networks when people are talking about your clients’ business.

You will want to identify trends in customer interactions through social analytics tools like Google Analytics or HubSpot. It’s important that social managers keep track of what people are saying about their clients, whether they’re positive or negative comments! This way you’ll know how best to handle any complaints if further action needs to be taken.

– Research Social Media Statistics and Analytics

Keep track of social media analytics using tools like Google Analytics, Hootsuite or Social Bakers.

Social media managers need to know what’s working for social campaigns. You should always be looking at social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see how many people are engaging with your content or spending time on the site. This allows you to improve future social posts so that they can do better than before!

– Manage Social Media Advertising Campaigns Across Networks

Create Facebook ads or Twitter promoted tweets for your business to help generate more exposure and sales! You will also want to analyze all of the work you’ve done by measuring metrics such as clicks, likes and shares/retweets. By doing this daily (or weekly), you’ll be able to tell whether a social post is doing well or not.

-Plan Social Media Campaigns to Increase Awareness and Sales

Social managers may spend time determining the best social networks for reaching your target audience, as well as creating social posts that will be most effective at generating sales or leads. You can do this by looking up demographics on social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn so you know what kind of people are using certain social channels. Then, social managers can create social content that appeals to those demographics, such as images or articles.

– Create Social Media Schedules and Calendars for Campaigns

As a social manager you should be either creating your own daily social media calendar/schedule or working from one provided by the client. This is important so that every social post gets planned out in advance and social teams know what to expect.

-Manage Social Media Complaints

You might also find yourself in a social media crisis where you need to take quick action on social channels to avoid bad press or public relations problems for your client! This can be stressful but it’s important that you monitor social networks daily to make sure to respond as quickly as possible.

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    What Does Every Social Media Manager Need?

    So now we’ve covered what you should be doing as social media manager daily, it’s also important to know what skills and tools you should have.

    What Tools Do You Need As A Social Media Manager?


    Working with social media is all about being connected so social managers should have a laptop always on hand to respond quickly and to be able to work from anywhere.


    A headset is also a must have for daily social management, since most social managers are constantly doing outreach with clients or other social teams!

    -Email adress

    As a social media manager you want to have an email address so that your clients can contact you easily.


    Having your own website is not a must but it will help you to stand out as social media manager and show your social skills to future clients.

    -Safe place to store your digital files

    Social media managers should have a safe place to store social content and social posts so that they’re easily accessible when needed. The most common platforms are DropBox and Google Drive.

    -Social networks

    It goes without saying but a social manager should be signed into all of the social sites their clients are using to ensure they’re up to date.

    -Digital camera or phone

    You might also want to invest in a decent digital camera if you’re going to be snapping lots of social media photos. A social media manager’s job is to manage all social channels so it’s important you have access to your social networks on the go!

    – Social media planner

    You will need a social media planner that reminds you of your tasks for the day or week. You can use online tools like Trello, Airtable, Asana or Evernote , but if all else fails just write out social posts in your planner or on a Google sheet for the day.

    -Social media apps

    There are loads of great social apps out there that can help make social management easier, such as Tailwind and Hootsuite. You could also consider getting a social media app for your phone that allows you to manage social networks on the go.

    – Social media scheduling tools

    Using social scheduling tools like Tailwind are important because they allow you to plan out social posts in advance, especially if your client is posting content on a daily basis. This way social managers can work ahead and know what’s coming up without having to worry about social posts at the same time. Tailwind has honestly made my life so much easier and you can try it out for free HERE!

    – Social media analytics tools

    Social media managers need to know what social networks are doing well for their clients so that they can improve future social content or decide on new social channels to try out! These analytics tools should be used daily (or weekly) and allow you to see which social posts are performing well. Google Analytics is a great tool for this and I also use Tailwind for more specific data for Pinterest.

    -Safe platform to store passwords

    Social managers need to keep social media passwords stored somewhere safe so that they can easily access them wherever necessary. A great way to do this is by using a password manager like Dashlane or Lastpass which store all of your social network logins in one place!

    -Social media manager contract

    A social manager should always have a contract to hand. This is important for many reasons, but most importantly it ensures social managers are clear on what they’re responsible for and the social media management process. You can find plenty of social media contracts online which you can use as an example or sign off the tasks with your client before getting started!

    -Business management tool

    Using a business management tool like Dubsado is a great way social managers can stay organized and ensure they’re always completing their daily social media management tasks. Dubsado lets clients book your services right from your website, so you can spend less time coordinating and more time connecting. You can also create invoice templates in the system with payment plans and automated reminders to keep your clients on track.

    -Writing assistant

    Using a writing assistant like Jasper has been a total game-changer in my own social media management business and I highly recommend you to try it out. I can not think of being without this in the future and I wish I had started using it from the start. It has helped me increase my productivity and create unique high-quality content so much faster. Jarvis can be used for both social media posts, blog posts, and email marketing. You can try it out for free HERE!

    -Client on-boarding and off-boarding template

    Social managers should always have a social media manager on-boarding and off-boarding template to hand. These will clearly communicate your social communication process with clients.

    -Social media manager course

    If you want to know more about becoming a social manager, I highly recommend joining my course ‘The Social Media Manager Academy’. I have a waitlist HERE for you to get notified when it’s launched and to claim $200 off the launch price.

    What Skills Do You Need as a Social Media Manager?

    -Great social media management skills

    This might seem obvious but social managers should be good at social networks, knowing how best to share and interact with others on various channels as well as being creative when coming up with social posts! This is the main part of a social manager’s job so social media managers should be social people!

    -Great communicator

    As social media managers spend most of their time online they’ll need excellent written communication skills so that they can get the message across clearly in social posts for clients.

    -Attention to detail and good at multitasking

    Social managers need to pay attention to all of the social activity on their client’s profiles, whether that means replying or making social posts. They also need to know who they’re targeting with each post so they can create content that will appeal.

    -A social media manager should be creative

    Creativity is very important for social managers because they need to come up with social posts that are engaging and interesting whilst also being relevant. This can take some time but social managers will get better the more content they create!

    -Time management skills

    Having good time management is important because social managers need to fit social posts in around all of their other tasks, whether that’s planning social posts or managing clients’ profiles.

    -Great social media analytic skills

    Social managers need to be great at analytics so they can measure all of the social content that’s been created and figure out whether it has done well or not. This is an important part of social management as you’ll know what works best for your client!


    We hope this social media manager checklist was valuable for you and that it will help you to stay organized, complete your daily social management tasks and be more successful in your business!

    Don’t forget to sign up for the SMM Academy waitlist so you also can have the freedom to work from anywhere and have more time and money to do the things you love in life!

    social media manager checklist tips
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