Why it’s Good to be Unfollowed on Instagram

Can it actually be good to be unfollowed on Instagram?

When we think of our number of followers on Instagram we often relate it to how popular and loved we think we are. 

But what do you think about when someone unfollows you?

Of course, it’s easy to take an unfollow personally. Our feeds are created the way we want the world to see us, and unfollowers can make it seem as though we’ve failed.

But, in fact, unfollowers aren’t such a bad thing. Actually they can be a great thing. 

Why it’s Good to be Unfollowed on Instagram

Ready to answer the question, why it’s a good thing when someone unfollows you!? Here are some good reasons:

3 Reasons Why it’s Good to Be Unfollowed on Instagram

1. You’re Filtering out People Who are Not Your Target Audience

Trying to serve everyone is not a good strategy when trying to grow a successful business.

If people are unfollowing you, you’re just weeding out the people who wouldn’t be interested in your narrowed niche anyways.

Thinking about it this way, losing followers on Instagram can be a great thing. When someone unfollows you, you’re actually filtering out people who are not your target audience.

It’s so much better to build a community of people who genuinely love what you are doing and creating. While you may lose some followers if you target your niche, you will gain many more ideal clients in the long run.

2. Your Engagement Rate Increases

You don’t want ghost or inactive followers, nor followers that, decrease your engagement rate due to their inactivity. Engagement rate is a key metric in Instagram marketing. It’s better to have a small, engaged audience than to have massive amounts of people who skip over all of your blog posts.

By having people unfollow you you’re allowing engagement with your other followers to increase. And that is certainly more valuable than the opposite. You want to be followed by people who care! Let people unfollow you on Instagram then.

3. It Doesn’t Mean They Dislike You

It’s easy to think that if someone unfollows you, they dislike you. But actually, most often, someone will unfollow you for other reasons, like that your content doesn’t feel relevant to their lives, or they’re already following too many people and decided to clean their following list.

The number of followers you have is often compared to your worth on social media, so we all tend to panic when we lose followers. And to question ourselves as well as our entire work and business. But actually, most of the time, it really isn’t because of you.

It’s not always a bad thing when people unfollow you on Instagram. It helps you create a thriving community of people who genuinely love your content, care about your work, are engaged, and increase your engagement rate.

The point of this story is to remind you that when someone unfollows you, you shouldn’t take it personally or feel bad about it. Unfollowers are just a natural part of growing a brand online.

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Why it's good to be unfollowed on Instagram

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